# Fotoshoot Triangulum

Say hello to our new coffee tables!
Have you noticed? We are really into triangles lately.

We will be attending the 11th edition of Designday 27-29 may 2016 Maastricht. Come and visit us.

Many thanks for your efforts Tarona Leonora (Photography) and
Doru Komonoteng Loboka (Art Director)

05dc3deff3e0f7525b9b7d7e0bdf3a17 d4f5f7bd56bff5957a2273111862b9abaa07560e02b7df514a70092fcfebcf952016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_001_WEB (VIERKANT) 2016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_002_WEB (VIERKANT) 2016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_003_WEB (VIERKANT) 2016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_004_WEB (VIERKANT) 2016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_005_WEB (VIERKANT)2016_TARONA_FIFTYTABLES_000_WEB (VIERKANT)